Monday, February 25, 2013

Area, Perimeter, and Volume

Today, we started working on area, perimeter, and volume...well the area and perimeter part at least.  They seemed to have a decent grasp of which one is which when I gave them a rectangle or square (pic below) and asked them to find the area and perimeter.
So, we moved on to the fun stuff.  What if the length is 15 inches and the width is 4 feet?  Whatcha gonna do with that?  Luckily, they remember (or at least tricked me into thinking they remember) how to convert measurements, so it was okay.  Whew!
 The rest of the week, we will focus more on fancy word problems and situations with area and perimeter and the oh-so-fun volume.  At least we get to play with blocks build structures to build a concrete understanding of volume.

I have like ninety-five resources for A.P.V. to choose from finally, so I get to be picky.  My small groups are using the Perimeter and Area Intervention Pack and Volume Intervention Pack.  Click the pics to check them out.

The posters in the top pic are from Dots n Spots.  So cute!

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