Sunday, March 31, 2013

3 New Math Products

I've been a busy little bee...errr...penguin.  I have 3 new math products I'd like to show you!

For some end of the year fun, how about a Make Your Own Math Game project for your students.  This guides students right through the process from selecting a topic and game format to creating the final product with reproducible materials.  We're so busy at the end of the year, so the prep for you just involves making copies!

I've been using Math Study Buddies for years, but I gave them a reboot so I can get ready for next year.
These have a couple of options included based on your grade level and standards.

For Texas teachers, I've started getting together my 4th grade TEKS Based Assessments packs that come with assessments and answer keys for each standard, TEKS mini-posters, and data graphing materials.  I'm really excited about these!  Below is Set 1 of 4 total sets.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Design A Store Math Project

This project is great for the end of the year when teachers are short on extra time to prep materials. All you need to do is make the copies you need for your students and voila: your students have a fun and educational project!
In this project, students design their own store and apply their knowledge of decimals and measurement. They create a price list/ menu, layout, and storefront design and complete a packet that includes information to guide them through the project.
The differentiated projects will help meet the needs of your diverse learners. The end result is the same; there's just 2 different ways to get there.

Check it out in my TpT Store.

Monday, March 18, 2013

This Week in Math Penguin Land...

Today was a super fun math day!  We finished our Geometry Lapbooks from Amber Polk.
We had a lot of fun looking at edges, vertices, and faces of 3-D shapes using the marshmallow and toothpick activity from Molly at Elementary Lesson Plans.
I finished getting our math test prep stations ready!
We started transformations using my newest math unit.
We are making the foldable in the pack and also practicing each transformation with pattern blocks and dot paper.  It helps the kids understand images when the physically flip, slide, and turn the blocks!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Third Grade Math Test Prep Stations

The test prep stations for fourth and fifth are the fastest thing to fly off "the shelf" that I've made yet.  I'm very excited to also offer third grade test prep stations.  (No more after that.)

3rd Grade Stations
4th Grade Stations
5th Grade Stations
There are 10 stations included as shown below.  They are based on the testable TEKS.  Readiness standards and difficult concepts influenced which concepts I chose to include.  The stations are designed to be used in addition to traditional test prep to keep things a bit more fun!
10 Fun Stations!
Here are pics of all 10 stations.  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting Ready for Math STAAR

I've spent a little bit of time today figuring out how I want to spend the days following the Writing STAAR before our Reading and Math STAAR test.  I'm really excited to show you the stations I've been working on.
In addition to traditional test prep, we are going to do 10 days of 20 minute review stations.  I'll group the kids into 10 groups and have them complete one review station a day.
I used a variety of themes and graphics to help engage your students in the activities and they should enjoy the break from traditional test prep.
I tried to include readiness standards, which are tested more, and standards that students tend to struggle with or need to review. 

Everything you need is included in the packet.  I tried to keep the paper amount and ink needed as low as possible.  The pages should print out fine in gray scale if you choose not to use color ink.

I put a whole lot of work into these and would love if you checked them out at my TpT Store.
Click the pic to take you there!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Math STAAR Prep Stations

Alright, y'all...I have 4th grade AND 5th grade review stations available.  They are slightly different in order to meet the standards of each grade level in the TEKS.  There are 10 centers that focus on readiness standards and the standards most often need to review or struggle with.

Here are some pics of the 5th grade stations.  See the 4th grade stations.
 Thanks for taking a look!  Click the pic to check them out in my TpT Store.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lovin Geometry

 Here are some things I am LOVIN for geometry!
Geometry Lapbook from Amber Polk
Solid Figues Anchor Chart Materials from Maria Manore
Line Design Math Activity from Elementary Lesson Plans
Multiple Choice Cards Freebie from me to make test prep a little more interesting

I was introducing the types of triangles to my students today and this is something that occurred to me and it helped A LOT!

I finished up my Transformations Folder.  My kiddos love taking notes this way, so I thought I'd put one together for our last NEW unit before reviewing.  I went with a robot theme because that's what I think of when I think of transformations!  :)

Click the pic to check it out in my TpT Store.

Thanks for stopping by!
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